I've been woodworking for 20+ years. My passion started when my father-in-law, a home builder, agreed to help me construct our first house. Despite being a medical resident with limited funds, I embraced the opportunity to assist him and fell in love with the craft. Woodworking remained a hobby for years as I built furniture, decks, and additions.

In 2020, amidst the stress of my job as an emergency physician during the pandemic, my son Lou stumbled upon my workshop and began exploring woodworking. His newfound interest reignited my own, leading us to sell our home and purchase 8 acres in the countryside. Over the past year, we've built a 3500 sq ft woodworking shop and farmhouse. While I continue my medical work, our family has embarked on a business venture that I hope will become a lasting legacy.


In just 2 1/2 years, Lou has transformed from a bored individual during Covid lockdowns to a dedicated woodworking enthusiast. He has immersed himself in learning various skills like woodworking, AutoCAD, v-carve, and fusion 360. Lou has particularly excelled in CNC milling, rapidly expanding that aspect of our company.

With boundless energy and a creative mind, Lou continually generates innovative design concepts that are currently in progress. His unwavering commitment to our company reminds me of the passionate entrepreneurs I admired in my youth. Lou possesses the vision and determination to establish Ciamillo Wood Works as a distinctive and prosperous enterprise. It's an honor to call him my son.


Pam dislikes sawdust and loud machines, but excels at connecting with people and selling. As a loving wife and mother, I asked her to lead our sales department now that our kids are grown. Pam accepted and discovered how enjoyable it is to sell our family's products.

Over the past year and a half, I've witnessed her natural talent for interacting with customers face to face, on social media, and over the phone. She listens attentively and strives to ensure a satisfying buying experience. Even if she doesn't make a sale, she relishes the interactions and has a knack for engaging with customers. Her office is far from the sawdust, making her the perfect fit for customer relations.


Beau, our beloved shop dog, has grown up in our woodworking shop. Since he was 10 weeks old, he's been inseparable from Lou, spending six days a week in the shop. Fearless and friendly, Beau never shies away from anyone. When you meet him, he'll likely bring you his rope to play fetch. He's full of energy and impossible to exhaust.

Beau's happiest moments are at markets, in the shop, by the pond, or wherever his buddy Lou goes. Despite his large size, he sees himself as equal to our smaller dogs. As a fixture at Ciamillo Wood Works, some people visit us just to see him. He's motivated by dog treats and garlic bread in exchange for his work.


We founded Ciamillo Wood Works by accident in November 2020 as a creative outlet during the height of the COVID pandemic. Seeking solace from lockdowns and restrictions, we embarked on a woodworking adventure, starting with a simple walnut desk for a family member.

What began as a fun project quickly evolved into a passion-fueled endeavor. In February 2021, we showcased our work on Facebook, capturing the hearts of a growing community. Today, Ciamillo Wood Works boasts a diverse product line and a loyal customer base.

With over 20 years of woodworking experience and the unwavering support of Pam Ciamillo (wife and mother), who manages online orders and corporate sales, we continue our mission to infuse homes with the beauty of nature. Crafting each piece with love, we bring the outside world indoors, offering warmth and joy to all who embrace our creations.

Louis Ciamillo Jr. and Louis Ciamillo III standing beside the original walnut desk in November 2020.
Louis Ciamillo Jr. (left) and Louis Ciamillo III (right) standing beside the original walnut desk in November 2020.


Every day we commit to only producing the best locally-sourced handcrafted products.

Ciamillo Woodworks Locally Sourced Materials


All products are sourced and 100% made locally in Georgia and South Carolina.

Ciamillo Woodworks Natural Oils


We only use the best natural oils to seal and waterproof our products.

Ciamillo Woodworks Expertly Handcrafts every piece


Each piece is handcrafted with precision and care in our shop.

Ciamillo Woodworks creates Food Safe products


All of our blocks and boards are guaranteed safe for food prep and placement.